Kindergarten B












Welcome to KB


Teacher: Mrs.  Jacqueline Fishbein

Aide: Mrs. Kathleen Sibio.


PLEASE have your child use the lavatory BEFORE school.

Please clean your child's lunchbox daily.

PLEASE teach your child to put on their coat.

Practice zippering and buttoning


May 16- - Homework-Fractions and YOU worksheet

I hope everyone ordered the vests for graduation on Amazon.

Vest, white tshirt-short sleeve, black pants,white sneakers

May 23- 8th grade buddy's graduation gift.


Please send in new crayons with your child.

Glue sticks and wipes needed

Kindergarten Promotion is June 10th.  

Please order the vests as soon as possible.

Practice The Our Father prayer


* Handwriting and cutting practice for the children who need it.

Gym clothes-Tuesdays and Friday

Doors open at 7:30am and close at 7:45 am.