Grade 7 Homework

Ms. Blaser Homework


Friday 10/7 W

7 Reg- EP 4-5 #1-21

Quiz Wed.10/12  2.1-2.3

IXL due Tues 10/11

7 ACC-  EP 4-5 # 1-21

IXL due Tue 10/11

Quiz Wed10/12  . 2.1-2.3










Thursday, 10/6

7 Reg- ws on distances on the Coordinate plane

Kahoot coordinate plane practice

IXL due Tues 10/11

7 ACC-  google classroom activity Kahoot

ws on coordinate plane distances

















Mrs. Hoos Homework

homework-clipart-assignment-14 - Saint Athanasius Catholic Academy


Homework - Free Transparent PNG Clipart Images Download


Grammar  -  BLOCK 1 CLASS ONLY  p. 15                                                                  BLOCK 2 CLASS ONLY  p. 14


Vocabulary - Unit 2 Vocab. Defintion Test on Tuesday 10/11


Literature - 


Writing - 


Project - 


IXL - 


Mrs. Kulesa

Science 7th Grade

7A and 7B  Finish the Student Worksheet for the Sticky Challenge. Due Monday 10/3, Bring in a shoe box or small cardboard box by Thursday 10/6

Ms. Kropa Homework

Social Studies 7th Grade

7A: Complete worksheet "The Iroquois Confederacy" for tomorrow 10/7/22.


Mrs. Conway

7th Grade Religion Homework

7A and 7B: 

Complete Journal Entry #3 - Due Tuesday October 11


Ms. Ramirez Homework

7A Spanish

  • Picture it! - Draw a picture and label it in Spanish and English with the adjectives introduced in class.

7B Spanish

  • No written homework. Please review your vocabulary.