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Mrs. Skrodzki's

 6A Homeroom

(formerly Ms. Newton)

Welcome Back Students!

Students must be present (including those students that are virtual) by 7:50 AM to be ready for your school day and to be marked in for attendance!

Upcoming Events:

*CHRISTMAS BREAKFAST will be provided to all middle school students on Decembe 22, 2021 for our annual middle school Christmas celebration.

December 1st: Santa's Secret Shop - please have your child return to school with their form and payment for shopping purposes!

Click here for 5th Grade Supplemental Map & Geography Skills Syllabus 

Grade 5 Syllabus

Click here for 6th Grade World History Syllabus 

Grade 6 Syllabus

Click here for 7th Grade U.S. History I Syllabus 

Grade 7 Syllabus

Click here for 8th Grade U.S. History II Syllabus 

Grade 8 Syllabus

Click here for the Grade 6 online NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC GEOGRAPHY Textbook/Workbook

Click here for the Grade 6 Online WORLD GEOGRAPHY Textbook/Workbook

Click here for Grades 7 and 8 Glenco Geography for Life Textbook/Workbook