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Friday, October 7th:

  • Dress Down Day for $1 to benefit Florida.
  • 12:20 Dismissal

Monday, October 10th: No School 


  • Dismissal: Please send an email/note with any dismissal changes. If it is a last minute dismissal change please call the office and they will let me know. I may not always be able to check my email during the school day.

  • Food sent into school cannot contain peanuts or tree nuts of any kind.

  • Please check the school handbook for proper dress code for uniform, gym, and dress down days.


Course Overview:   This course will help students develop their ability to understand simple spoken and written Spanish. At the same time, they will learn to communicate orally and in writing in a culturally appropriate manner about familiar topics that include self, school, food, pastimes, family, house, and clothing. Grammar will be integrated throughout the units.  I will do my best to allow for different techniques and lesson plans in the classroom that will provide excitement and ease when learning Spanish.

4th and 5th GradeStudents will explore the Spanish language through introductory lessons, a variety of songs, games and hands-on activities. Students will also learn about the diverse cultures and celebrations of Spanish-speaking countries. There is no assigned textbook. All necessary material will be provided in class (notes and handouts). The lessons will be organized based on practical topics that are familiar to students. These topics include: greetings and leave-takings, feelings, numbers, colors, shapes, days of the week, months of the year, seasons, weather, family, clothing, classroom objects. 

GradesAll students will be graded on in-class assignments, class participation, assessments (2-3 assessments per topic) and projects. Grades will be posted in PowerSchool. Points will be deducted for late assignments.  

6th through 8th Grade: Students will develop communication skills in Spanish and make comparisons and connections to Spanish-speaking cultures with the goal of encouraging understanding and acceptance of differences. Correct pronunciation and writing will receive emphasis. Over three years, students will learn to express and understand ideas on topics such as common conversational phrases, weather, descriptions, likes and dislikes, school day, food and leisure activities. 

We will be using Autentico Level A. Each student will have access to their Autentico textbook online and Autentico assignments through Google Classroom. 

Quizzes and Tests (6th to 8th):   Quizzes will be administered after each section within the chapter (vocabulary quizzes and grammar quizzes). Students should expect 4-5 quizzes per chapter. A test will be administered at the end of each unit.  Use your notes and Pearson Realize for reviews. Quizzes and tests will be returned after all students take the assessment. In addition to assessments, a project is assigned per chapter. There will also be quizzes given on culture and geography.

Duolingo and Pearson Assignments

  • 4th to 8th Grade: Duolingo will be assigned occassionally to reinforce skills we are learning in class and to increase vocabulary. Assignments will be graded for completion and are worth 5 points. 
  • 6th to 8th Grade: Pearson Assignments will be assigned frequently. Instant checks are graded for completion and worth 10 points. All other Pearson assignments are graded for accuracy and given different point values. These assignments are given prior to a quiz or test to review material. 

Hazlo Ahora (Do Nows)Do Now's are given at the beginning of every class. Pop quizzes will be given every few weeks on the notes/activities contained in the Hazlo Ahora booklet. It will be open book.

Homework: There will be no opportunity to make-up the assignment unless the student was absent or has a note from their parent explaining the reason for the missed assignment.

Please check my website to stay updated on classroom activities, homework assignments, quizzes and tests.  Feel free to email me if you have any questions at