Grade 6 Homework

Mrs. Grewal


Social Studies: Grade 6

To confirm, ALL students should have:
1/ key terms & definitions.
2/ Notes UP TO the Caste system.
3/ A diagram of India's flag with notes
4/ Map of India with the states.

If you do not have this, it your responsibility to catch up.

Mrs. Conaghan Homework


Please complete page 56 in workbook
Please complete IXL DUE 5/23 with a 90% smart score and a minimum of 20 questions; topics: gg7 gg10 y2 y20
Quiz 10/6-10.8 5/23
Chapter 10 test 5/25

Friday, May 13, 2022 (Tridekaphobia- fear of 13)

Please complete classwork skills packet, it is a 10 point grade
Please complete IXL DUE 5/16 with a 90% smart score and a minimum of 20 questions; topics: O3 T3 W3 Y3
Quiz Chapter 10.1=10.5   Please review the "wording" of probability, know the part/whole concept of theoretical and experimental probability, know sample space and prediction proportion

Mrs. Kulesa Homework


If you are absent you are responsible for making up any science classwork or labs by talking to me either in person or by email.  If you missed a day when notes were taken in class, you need to check Google Classroom and write those notes in your notebook.






Mrs. Conway Homework

6th Grade Religion Homework

6A - Session 16 Quiz on Tuesday May 17 - Prophets Challenge People


6B - Session 16 Quiz on Wednesday May 18.


Ms. Dobbins Homework

Monday HW: Voyages Workbook pages 115-116


Grammar Test 7.6 to 7.11 on Thursday, May 19th. 


Students who went to Kindergarten at St. Thomas must make a Thank You/Happy Retirement Google Slide for your Kindergarten teacher. This is to be printed out and handed to me by Friday. Thanks!


Mrs. Ramirez

REMEMBER: Memorize the "Our Guardian Angel Prayer"
6A Spanish: Google Classroom Code: pew45jy

Poema en Diamente was due today, Monday, May 2nd. If you did not provide a hardcopy and turn it in, please turn it in by tomorrow.

Core Practice 1B-8 and 1B-9.

Chapter 1B Test: Monday, May 16th

6B Spanish:  Google Classroom Code: ezimq2i .

Core Practice 1B-8 and 1B-9.

Chapter 1B Test: Tuesday, May 17th.

Technology Homework

Digital Technology Homework