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5th Grade Homework
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"The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step."  

Welcome to fifth grade!  Remember we are all companions on this amazing journey.  We must work together -parents, teachers, and students to reach our common destination....a successful enjoyable fifth grade experience for all


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 Dear Parents, and Guardians,

          For your reference here is a brief “curriculum guide” to the subjects I teach:


Religion Grade 5

As is the case for all St. Thomas students, fifth graders approach Religion as an academic discipline.  Sharing, comparing, and discussion of other religious beliefs and

customs are encouraged as means of furthering understanding and a spirit of mutual respect.   Rooted in Scripture, Tradition, Catholic Doctrine, and Ignatian Spirtiuality, the curriculum inspires and  guides our fifth graders in their faith formation.

The main areas of focus are the Trinitarian nature of God, the community of the Church, an indepth study of the Seven Sacraments, and moral formation.  A Family Life curriculum serves as an extension and enrichment in the latter area.

The curriculum is introduced and developed in 3 one-hour sessions per week, through daily prayer, and monthly liturgies.  As middle school students, fifth graders are encouraged to assume leadership roles in monthly liturgies, and prayer services.

Service opportunities such as food and clothing drives, Holy Childhood mission fundraisers, and community outreach projects allow students to put their faith into action.Mastery of terms and concepts is assessed through discussion, written tests (study guides provided) and creative projects.


Science Grade 5 

The Science curriculum is aligned to the New Jersey Student Learning Standards which are derived tof the Next Generation Science Standards.  It is also in compliance with the Curriculum Standards put forth by the Diocese of Metuchen.  Fifth grade students focus on core ideas in the basic domains of Physical, Earth, and Life Science. The Physical Science component develops an understanding of the properties of and changes in matter. Earth Science focuses on the  four Earth’s systems: hydrosphere, biosphere, geosphere and atmosphere, the interaction of these systems, and the impact of human activity on our environment.  Students explore the Solar System  and observe patterns in its components.  Life Science features include how organisms obtain energy from food and how matter and energy interact.

This curriculum is implemented by way of 2 hour long classes per week, supplemented by labs and project based learning activities.  Instructional materials include an interactive work text, Promethean board investigations utilizing videos and models,

webquests, and on-line games. Students have access to publisher supplied materials such as an e-text and  teacher supplied study guides.


Social Studies Grade 5

The fifth grade curriculum is in compliance with New Jersey State standards and guidelines established by the Diocese of Metuchen for parochial schools.  The fifth grade curriculum encompasses all four main social studies domains: history, geography,civics and economics.  The scope of the material focuses on the North American continent, especially the present United States, from Native American settlement, through exploration, colonization , and establishment of the Untited States as an independent nation. We observe the development of our nation through warfare, expansion, and crisis up until the strife of the Civil War.  Throughout this slice of history we examine the effects of events on the lives of a variety of people including indigenous people, women, children, and people of color.

The curriculum is implemented in 2 hour long sessions per week, supplemented by graphic organizers, Promethean board investigations, webquests, project-based learning models, and on-line games.  Students have access to publisher supplied materials including an interactive work text, and e-text and teacher provided  study guides.



If you have any questions, concerns, or areas that require clarification, please contact me through our school email. I will get back to you as soon as possible.  Thank you for giving me the pleasure and privilege of working with your “child of God”.


Warm regards,

Linda Jancola