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  • Friday is 12:20pm dismissal
  • Please send in change for Baby Bottle Blessings
  • Please donate hand sanitizer and/or lysol/baby wipes if you can.

​Read below for Kristkind Project information:

Dear Parents and Students of Grade 5,

         As we enter the season of Advent it is time to familiarize you with a Christmas tradition...our annual Kristkind project.  On the first school day of the Advent season each student, by a random lottery, will choose the name of a classmate.  Their responsibility is to act as the Kristkind, or Christ Child for the classmate they have chosen during the weeks of Advent..  They can accomplish this in various ways such as placing a note with an uplifting message in their classmate’s cubby, helping with books, giving a compliment, or placing a small (nut-free) treat where the classmate will find it.  All of this is done totally anonymously...part of the fun is trying to guess who your Kristkind might be!

        This activity will culminate at our Christmas party on _ _December 22 _______.

Each student will provide a small wrapped gift for their classmate, costing no more than $5, to be placed in a designated area.  At the party, each student will be called by name to get their purchased gift and present it to their Kristkind classmate.

        This activity, we have found, can be an excellent tool for promoting the spirit of kindness and generosity which is at the heart of the season.  May our Savior, the greatest gift of all, bless you and your family!



The Fifth Grade Teachers