Grade 4A
4A Home
4th Grade Homework



4A Schedule 

                       Monday         Tuesday         Wednesday       Thursday         Friday           

8:00-9:02      Math              Gym                Math                   Math                 Math  


9:02-10:04    Art in Faith     Math              Religion              LA                      LA                                                                                                             

10:04-11:04   LA                  LA                  LA                      Writing                Religion 


11:06-12:06   Lunch             Lunch            Lunch                Lunch                   Lunch 


12:08-12:48   SS/Sci            DT                  Spanish             Art/Music              Art/Music 


12:50-1:45     Religion         SS/Sci             SS/Sci               SS/Sci                   SS/Sci 


IXL MATH ASSIGNMENTS: Every week there will be 1-2 IXL Math assignments.  To get FULL credit your smart score must be 100 or a 90 with at least 30 questions answered. 

ONLINE ACCESS TO MATH BOOKS:  The link is:   The login and password information is in your child’s planner. 

ONLINE ACCESS TO SCIENCE ELEVATE TEXTBOOK:     The link is The login and password information is in your child's planner.

ONLINE ACCESS TO SOCIAL STUDIES MY WORLD TEXTBOOK:  The link is:   The login and password information is in your child's planner.   

*****  VERY IMPORTANT****: The science and social studies is the same exact link.  Most of the students will have the same login.  There a couple of you that don't.  Make sure when we are doing science you use the ELEVATE Book and when we are doing social studies you use the MY WORLD Book.  Thanks!!!

GOOGLE CLASSROOM PROJECTS:  All Google Classroom Projects in Science need to be handed in on time.  For every day it is late 5 points will be taken off.  These projects count as a test grade. 

GYM ATTIRE:  Parents/Guardians Gym is on TUESDAY.  Have your child wear your gym uniform that day. Please wear black or white sneakers. 

TEST FOLDERS:  Parents/Guardians: please don’t forget to ask your child for his/her test folder.  I send them home on Friday.  They usually go home 2-3 times a month.  If we don’t have school on Friday, they might go home on a Thursday. 

CONTACTING MR. BABITS:  Parents/Guardians: if you need to contact me, feel free to either email me at, write a note or call the office to schedule an appointment. I am looking forward to a memorable and fun year at St. Thomas the Apostle. God Bless!