Grade 2B



WELCOME TO Miss S and Mrs. Brozek's Class

2022 - 2023

Teacher: Miss S

Instructional Aid: Mrs. Brozek

If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact me at: or call the school

 *Please inform me of any changes to your child's transportation throughout the school year.* Thank you!!





​Usernames and Passwords to the above websites will be sent home the first week of school and will also be found taped into your child's Home Folder. We have not recieved our Voyagers log ins yet. Those passwords will be added once we recieve them. 

Important Website Addresses:



​Daily Specials Schedule:

Monday-  Spanish 

Tuesday- Art/Music

Wednesday- Digital/Tech

Thursday- Gym 

Friday- Art/Music

Spelling Words for the Week of : 10/4  grass, trips, crack, still, west, mask, clap, plans, milk, belt, fog, tub, by, he, she

Vocabulary Words for the Week of : 10/4

actions, afraid, depend, nervously, peered, perfectly, rescue, secret 

High Frequency Words: boy, girl, here, small, were, what, want, she, he, by 


​​​​​ ​​​​​​​​​ ​​ ​​​​​​​​​​​​ IXL Assignments for the Week of : 10/4

  • E8 is the syllable open or closed  
  • A 18 Even or Odd



*We've been noticing that many of the students are asking to use the bathroom during instructional time. The class is taken to the bathroom 3-4 times day. Please stress to child as I have multiple times that the only time they should use the bathroom during instructional time is for an emergency. This is to insure that every child gets the maximum instructional time. If there is a medical problem please let me know. Thank you!*

- snack 

- after special

- before lunch 

- end of the day 

- during a brain break 

​MONDAY: Reading: IXL, Spelling #8, High Frequency Worksheet, Spelling Test Friday

Math: Workbook Pages 13 and 14, Test Weds., IXL, Rewrite Math Facts 5 times 


TUESDAY:  Reading: IXL, Spelling #1, Re-Read "Little Flap Learns to Fly"

Pages 44-45 in Little Reading Wonders, Spelling Test Friday

Math: IXL, Test Tommorrow, Worksheet 


WEDNESDAY : Reading: IXL, Spelling #3, Grammar Worksheet, Spelling Test Friday

Math: IXL 

Religion: Chapter 2 Re-Test Friday, Write answer to #9 in yellow dot notebook, Practice writing sentences for #8.


THURSDAY: Reading: IXL, Spelling #12, Re-read "Little Flap Can Fly", Reading Comprehension Worksheet, Spelling Test Tomorrow 

Math: IXL 

Religion: Chapter 2 Re-Test Tomorrow, Write answer to #9 in yellow dot notebook, Practicie writing sentences for #8

Half Day Tomorrow, Bring a Snack, DRESS DOWN TOMORROW!! 

Friday: IXL Due Tuesday, No School Monday!, Attend Mass, Enjoy the Long weekend, sign and return test folder.