Mrs. Dennis- 1A


Important Dismissal Notice: Please include a note in your child's Home Folder stating how they will be getting home on a daily basis. (walker/rider, bus, or After Care) . Please keep us updated of how your child will be going home if it changes so we know how to properly dismiss them. Thank you.



  Please have your child join our google classroom using their STA student email address. Join using the code kv6kxbr or use the link below:



Scroll to the bottom for Daily Homework


Due to the high of amount of severe food allergies in our school and in our classroom, it is very important that all ingredients are checked on the snacks before you send them in with your child . If the food is "made in a facility that processes tree nuts or peanuts"  your child will not be permitted to eat it in school. Please check all of the labels that you purchase for school snacks or lunch. This is something we take very seriously.  Thank you for your kind consideration in this matter and the safety of all children. 


Monday -  Digital Technology with Mrs. Delfino

​Tuesday - Art/Music with Mrs. Frank, Spanish with Miss Dennis

Wednesday - Art/Music with Mrs. Frank 

Thursday -Gym with Mr. Schaefer (Wear your gym uniform and sneakers to school).

​Friday - no special



2021-2022 School Year

Below is some information to help ensure your child has a successful year in first grade:

  • Please check your child’s homework every night. It is important that your child arrives to school each morning between 7:30 and 7:45am.   Students will be writing the homework in their notebook, then complete a morning assignment when they first arrive after unpacking their bookbag. School prayers begin at 7:50 am.  I ask that a  parent/guardian signs under the h.w. assignment each night.  This will let me know that you have seen the homework and what your child is learning. For those students who attend After Care, please check to make sure the homework is completed and signed for the next day.


  • Due to our new school policies, each student should have their own pencil case. There will be no communal supplies. Make sure your child has at least  3  sharpened  pencils  and an eraser for class each day. Be sure to check your child’s backpack for any supplies you may need to replenish throughout the week. It’s always good to keep a pencil case at home filled with the same supplies your child has at school, just in case!


  • Remember to bring a healthy,  nut-free snack   to enjoy during the day. As shown at the top of this page, please remember that “nut-free” means no traces of nuts of any kind (almonds, hazelnuts, tree nuts, etc). Keep your body and mind clean with a balanced snack such a yogurt or fruit! Don’t forget to bring a washcloth, fork or a spoon if you need it for snack or lunch!   Again, due to the HIGH AMOUNT of allergies in our school, it is very important that ALL INGREDIENTS are checked on the snacks you send it. If the food is "made in a plant that processes tree nuts or peanuts" your child will not be permitted to eat it in school and it will be sent home. Thank you for your cooperation in this matter.

  • BIRTHDAYS — ** Due to the high amount of allergies in school and for the safety of our students, no food items, candy, cupcakes, cookies, etc. are permitted to be sent in for the birthday child or to the class as per school policy. Also, no latex balloons are permitted. We will celebrate the students birthday by giving them a dress down and a prize from the teacher. Thank you! **  

  • Please make sure your child’s name is labeled on  anything  that is to be brought back and forth to school. Try writing it on a tag or inside pocket of the item to ensure an easier find if lost. This includes envelopes, too!

  • Any money coming into school should have your  child’s name on it, as well as how much money is being given and what it is for.  Please put any money in a labeled envelope.  Students (and teachers) are not always sure what the dollar bill in their folder is for if it isn’t labeled in an envelope...and post-its often fall off.

  • I will be checking your child’s homework folder each morning, however, please let your child know if there are any notes that need to be handed in so that no deadlines will be missed (notes for the teacher, main office, etc). This includes any change in transportation for the end of the day and monthly lunch forms. With that in mind, please be sure to keep me updated of your current and best way to contact you (including email address).

  • We are all a team!  — Positive reinforcement is important in making sure that each child knows that they can accomplish anything!! Teachers and parents want success for the children, and no two students are the same, so let's work together to make your child learn to the best of their ability!​

I look forward to a fun and safe new school year!!

***REMEMBER: If you need to change your child’s mode of transportation,  please send a note in with your child,  call the office, or email me. (A note to me or phone call to the office is best, there are times when I can not get to my email until the end of the day. ***


Homework will be posted here for the week or by the end of the school day. If it is posted for the week, please check at the end of each day in case any changes were made to the homework assignments. Also, we kindly ask that the homework be completed each night that it is assigned and not completed ahead of time as the skills or concepts may not have been taught yet. Thank you.


Helpful Links:

If you have trouble accessing the websites through the links I have provided below, please try opening them on another device.

Homework assignments will be posted here for your reference. Students will also be copying assignments in their h.w. notebook each day. Please sign their h.w. book each night.



Please only do the h.w. for the night it is assigned, thank you.


Monday, November 29

Spelling: Activity #1 (write the words you got wrong on the pretest 3x each on the sheet provided). Study all 10 words for the Unit 2 Week 2 spelling test on Friday.

Math: Complete P47 and P48. Study November Math Facts for the drill on Wednesday, December 1.


Tuesday, November 30

Spelling: Short u Word Sort worksheet. Study all 10 words for the test on Friday.

Math: Complete worksheet page 54. Study November Math Facts for the drill tomorrow.


Wednesday, December 1

Spelling: Complete the Sentence worksheet. Study all 10 words for the test on Friday.

Math: Complete P49 and P50. Study the December math facts for the drill on Tuesday, January 4. The new December math facts will be going home today in your home folder. Please keep this in a safe place and review them each night.

Gym tomorrow. Wear your gym uniform and sneakers.


Thursday, December 2

Spelling: Study all 10 words for the test tomorrow.

Reading: Complete the I Spy worksheet (High Frequency Words). Review the skills for the reading assessment on Monday. The packet will be sent home today in your home folder. 

Math: Complete P51 and P52. Study the December math facts for the drill on January 4.

Religion: Study Chapter 8 and the study guide for the test on Wednesday, 12/8.

Tomorrow is a 12:20 dismissal. Please bring in a snack and a drink.


Friday, December 3

Reading: Review the skills for the reading assessment on Monday (short u, contractions with ‘s, High Frequency Words). Reread “The Pigs, the Wolf, and the Mud“ in the Literature Anthology.

Math: Module 4 test will be on Friday, December 10. Study the completed workbook pages. Study the December math facts for the drill on January 4.

Religion: Study Chapter 8 and the study guide for the test on Wednesday, 12/8.

Test folders will not be sent home this week. 

Have a blessed weekend!



Trust God