Mission Statement

Saint Thomas the Apostle School educates minds and hearts through the integration of a challenging curriculum and a firm faith in our Lord and our God. We do this for our students by supporting diversified achievements, respectful leadership, and Christian service to God and Community.

And where there is God…

Catholic schools provide a community where students learn and grow as Jesus did in faith, knowledge, and compassion for others.  In this nurturing environment, students are given an opportunity to use his or her gifts and talents while learning to appreciate the contributions of others.  It is in serving others that our students learn to give of themselves and practice the values they have been taught.  We provide opportunities for personal prayer and pray together as a family on a regular basis through our Masses, services, and daily prayers.  Students are able to freely practice their faith and express themselves in a way which encompasses all aspects of their lives.  In addition to academic excellence, students are encouraged to develop character and integrity through Christian values.  This culture helps to prepare the children to become successful and faithful in their professional and personal lives.

Statement of Philosophy

The teacher exerts a significant influence on the life of the student. He/She is director or shaper of experiences that allow students to gain not only basic skills but an appreciation for the rich fabric of creation.

Through positive interaction and mutual trust, a teacher creates an atmosphere that promotes student growth.

Collegial relationships are a source of emotional and spiritual nourishment that allows each teacher to function in an optimal manner. We strive to support one another, to exchange ideas, to provide feedback and to offer practical assistance whenever the situation warrants.

We encourage our students to be confident in their own abilities, to seek positive solutions to life’s problems and to accept responsibility for their choices. It is our goal that each student recognize, enjoy and utilize every aspect of his/her uniqueness and incorporate these into a positive self-image and outlook on the future.