Kindergarten A






Kindergarten 2020




Dear Families,

It's hard to believe but we are in the last full week of  September!  The  children have adapted beautifully to our very different daily routines. Ourdoor playground has been replaced with bubbles, chalk and "nooodle " games.  We use our cushions and dots for floor spacing, chairs and markers for video and partitioned tables for seatwork.  Cubbies are color-codes and spaced as are our hooks for backpacks and toys.  

The following information is a much needed guide to get us through a smooth school day.

Please have your child use the bathroom before leaving home.

All children should bring 2 snacks and 2 small drinks on all 12:10 dismissal days. If you are sending in water please send only the small-sized bottles.

Practice keeping face masks on.

Please send in toy bags on the first day of each school week.  They must be clearly labeled with your child's name.  The toys and the bag will be sent home on Fridays.  They must be washed and returned on Mondays.  It is suggested that you change out the toys frequently so your child does not get bored.  The children may not share toys and we do not have toys in the classroom.

Please practice buttoning pants and zippering skorts.  If girls are wearing the uniform skirt instead of the skort, please replace the button with velcro or a large snap.  The children may not wear tie shoes--absolutely no shoe laces.  

All children should know their first and last names.Children should know how to write their first name with a beginning capital letter and all other letters in lower case.  The letters should be placed correctly in the writing space. Children should recognize and write most letters of the alphabet and numbers 0 to 10.  They should be able to color within the lines of a simple illustration.

Each child has a 14'X14" box which holds their personal manipulatives, centers, workbooks, and daily  work folders.  We use the folders you provided from home to send completed work to and from school. 

Thank you for your cooperation and support.  


Mrs DeLuca,  KA  Teacher                                                                                                                                    Mrs Blaes, KA Aide