Grade 5 Homework

Ms. Conway Homework

5A and 5B Science:

Meteorologist Team Presentations will be done in class tomorrow, Friday, February 8, 2019.  This will conclude our unit on Atmosphere and Weather.


5A and 5B Social Studies: 

The month of February, while short, is FULL of history.  We will be completing TWO long-term projects this month.

The first will be the Presidential Plate Project.  This research project is geared to help us learn more about the presidents of the past.

***There is a TYPO on the Presidential Plate Assignment.  The Plates are due Monday February 11, 2019.**********

Mrs. Jancola Homework

Always remember you are good enough, smart enough, capable of anything you set your mind to do!

Love always, Mrs. Jancola




Mrs. Conaghan Homework

Friday, June 14, 2019

5A and 5B: Thank you so much for the support and hard work this year. I hope you all have a fun and relaxing summer. Be safe, be kind and enjoy the down time. God bless.

Summer packets were distributed with details for completion. Please include scrap paper with all work.












































































































































Mrs. Muce Homework


*Entering 6th Grade LA  Summer Packets were sent home on June 12.  Please keep the packet in a safe place and return it to Ms. Newton the first week of school. 
**I would like to thank you all for your kind words, thoughtfulness, and generosity. I wish everyone a fun, safe, and restful summer! 

Many Blessings- Mrs. Muce


Ms. Newton Homework


Music & Art Homework


Technology Homework

Spanish Homework