Grade 3B
   Welcome to Room 505 - Delran Intermediate School
Wecome back!  I am the 3B Homeroom and LA teacher.  I also teach Science, Social Studies, Religion, and Penmanship to 3A and 3B students.  I am looking forward to a joyful school year.


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  • Wear your gym uniforms on Tuesdays
  • Bring a chapter book of your choice to school each day for reading

Below are the TENTATIVE dates and times for 3rd grade MAP testing:

  • Wednesday, 10/21 8:30 AM - 3A Math Test 
  • Wednesday 10/21 12:00 PM - 3B Language Arts Test
  • Thursday 10/22 8:30 AM - 3B Math Test 
  • Thursday 10/22 12:00 PM - 3A Language Arts Test


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Friday, 10/23

Math:  Multiplication drill Monday

Science:  Lesson 1, Ch. 1 & 2 test Wednesday, study guide sent home today

Religion:  Session 2 test Tuesday, study guide sent home today

Return signed test folder


Thursday, 10/22

Math:  Multiplication drill Monday

LA:  Spelling # 17, test Tuesday; vocabulary WS

IXL due Monday


Wednesday, 10/21

Bring in a book to read for tomorrow's MAP test

Math:  Multiplication drill Monday

IXL due Monday


Tuesday, 10/20

LA:  Spelling #23; bring in a book to read for MAP testing

Math:  Multiplication drill, Monday

IXL due Monday


Monday, 10/19

LA:  Spelling #12

Math:  Module 2 test tomorrow; multiplication drill, 10/26

IXL due Monday


Important login information can be found on the inside cover of your homework planner.  Please use the following links to access online resources:

Reading -


Religion - Finding God (for access to family resources, study guides, and interactive session reviews):



romans 12:12 | Tumblr



Scanning Information:

Please use a scanner app to upload  work  in Google Classroom :  

You can scan completed work to your @sttaob account in a PDF format using the Adobe Scan App from a mobile device

  • Go to assignment in Google Classroom
  • Click on + Add or create in the 'Your work' box on the assignment


  • Click Google Drive or File to attach the completed work
  • Click on image
  • Click on Add
  • Click on Turn in